Voco Orchard Singapore

We worked with the Intercontinental Hotel Group to design and develop a sculpture that would reflect the unique character of the Voco brand. Envisioned to be modern and sleek yet whimsical, the sculpture exudes youthfulness and vitality. Rendered in yellow and teal, its colours were...

Greenleaf View, Singapore

Sutton Art Consulting commissioned a highly bespoke artwork by Emi Avora for our client. Based on our client's request, the painting depicts their idyllic afternoons spent picnicking in Botanic Gardens with their favourite bottles of French wine. Installed in their family den, this beautiful painting...

Marina Bay Sands, Apex Grand Casino, Singapore

Sutton Art Consulting provided a pair of art installations for the Apex Grand Casino. Each artwork comprises 50 white and gold hand-cast porcelain leaves placed in acrylic shadow boxes, positioned as though swept upward by the wind. Deeply rooted in feng shui, each artwork is...

Emi Avora Exhibition, Singapore

Sutton Art Consulting proudly presented a body of 15 artworks by Emi Avora named “The Dream I've Been Seeking”. The exhibition ran from the 6th July to the 6 October 2021 at the PARKROYAL on Beach Road. Emi’s vibrant paintings portraying everyday life in Asia...

Sage, Singapore

Sutton Art Consulting was engaged to curate a bespoke collection of artworks to grace the walls of the upscale residence “Sage” on Nassim Road, Singapore. Our client's brief was to propose a selection of nature-inspired artworks in bright colours that would add a sense of...

Sheraton Towers Singapore

Sutton Art Consulting worked directly with the owners of this 5-star hotel to invigorate its public areas with bespoke artworks. The paintings breathe new life into the property and provide guests with a sense of place, reflecting the verdant Tanglin area of Singapore.   "Thank you for...



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