Yenny Yohan

Yenny Yohan is an abstract artist who expresses her everyday life: moods, emotions, ambience and interaction with people are the strongest influences in her canvases. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of light jazz music are often great company while she creates her artworks. She loves to travel regularly especially to the island of Bali, which not only hypnotises her with its beauty, but also plays a big role in her life as a great source of inspiration. 

Born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 1973, Yenny Yohan developed a great interest in the arts from an early age.She could always be seen sketching, drawing, and working on craft projects. Though she excelled in her art classes as a child, she never had any intention of becoming an artist. Her desire to express her artistic inclinations rose after she married an architect.  Being a self-taught artist, she enjoys painting freely without any restrictions. She paints directly on canvas, using acrylic and mixed media as the most suitable mediums for her. Each abstract painting is a celebration of colour and is a reflection of her emotions at that moment. 

She currently lives in Bandung and has been painting professionally for a few years. Her artworks have been exhibited and sold through galleries, to private and corporate collectors.

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