Yeachin Tsai

Yeachin Tsai is best known for her rhythmic forms and decisive brush strokes made with a certainty rooted in Chinese calligraphy, and the infinite time and space dynamics of Chinese painting. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, Bachelor of Fine Arts from National Taiwan Normal University, and her work is part of several private and public collections around the globe.

She mostly uses ink and fluid acrylic on paper, canvas, and fabrics. The supports of the paintings are prepared to be absorbent like rice paper, so the color soaks in rather than sitting on the surface.

Tsai generates tension with the intimate scale of the smaller paintings and their colossal internal energy. Her large scale paintings use big brushwork to draw the viewer in and then explode joyously with energetic color and invigorating mark-making. Her subjects cover both the visible, for example still life, and the unseen as abstract movements evoking inner activity and emotions.

Alongside her participation in numerous solo and group exhibitions spanning almost three decades in New York and overseas, Tsai has also taught art workshops within the U.S.A. and been included in several publications since 1993.

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