Tunku Khalsom Ibrahim

Khalsom is an International artist of British and Malaysian descent, based in Singapore for over 10 years. An Interior Architecture graduate (2006) Khalsom has a background in design but in recent years has been firmly focused on her dynamic art. 

Inspired by the concepts of ‘Life, Love, Change’, Khalsom’s work is all about beautiful fluidity and stunning colour. Khalsom’s mantra is that as people we are always changing, always growing, it’s a fantastic fact of life that needs to be embraced and nurtured, and she tries to express this through the movement in her work, working predominantly with inks for their perfect fluid nature. 

Bright, bold colours evoke different emotions, having the power to alter moods and thoughts. It’s this relationship with colour that Khalsom uses to make her pieces come to life. Skulls and butterflies are the recurring motifs used to represent her ideals -to stand out, to be noticed, and that each piece of art should truly make a statement. 

Khalsom has exhibited her work at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore and the Asian Art Platform Gallery. Her work is in the homes of private collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, London, USA, Brunei, Australia, and Greece.

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