Tatjana Labossiere

I try to capture the soul of nature and translate it into colours and shapes. My prints are a play of material - volumes that remind us of stones or natural materials like leaves that express a vital energy. By superimposing them, I try to reveal delicate transparencies that contrast with the energy of materials.

Art has always been present in Tatjana’s life, first as a child in the painting studio of her father in Germany, then as an adult in different art studios in France. After graduating from the art school “Beaux-Arts de Versailles”, she went on to pursue her formal and intellectual research in natural materials as diverse as wood, stone, steel and other hard natural materials. As Tatjana discovered the craft of etching, she soon developed her own way of doing print work. Preferring monotypes, she crafts plates like a sculptor and uses them on the etching press to produce her works. To Tatjana, creating individual etchings allows her to remain in the creative process continuously.

Tatjana Labossiere was born in Germany and has been living in France for 35 years now.

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