Sophie Le Van Gong

Sophie Le Van Gong was born and raised in Paris, France – “City of Lights” that remains a melting pot of cultures. As a result, from an early age she has been attracted by many forms of artistic creation – especially pictorial art. After years of studying (Law and History), and an eventful personal and professional life, she felt the need to devote herself to an artistic creation through painting. 

The multicultural influences of her childhood and her asian origins led Sophie quite naturally to the use of ink combined with acrylic, either on canvas or paper. As a self taught artist, she has gradually improved her technical knowledge in respect of two main “guidelines”: her love for detail and her connection with nature.  Thus, each line, each curve, and each color is part of a search for a harmonious and natural balance. 

The passion of the artist for history and nature is the main source of her inspiration. She attempts to highlight the precious link that exists between humanity and nature, through allegories or more realistic representations.

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