My work is highly driven by light and form of the natural world. My research revolves around those visual details that are able to trigger my emotions. I am fascinated with shadows, 'chiaro-scuro' (the treatment of light and shade in drawing and paintings) and the roundness and smoothness of curves in nature that evoke harmony and flow. I work mostly with natural light in the outdoors, focusing on composition and visually isolating subjects from their environment.

Bali based photographer Rokma has been described as someone who celebrates life through the timeless beauty contained in the details around us. He feels the need to pursue the goal of producing charming images that warm the sometimes dull and square aseptic cold environment of modern buildings, whether they are private homes, hotels, or public venues. Delivering elements of beauty and simplicity of the natural world to enhance geometric spaces is what drives Rokma’s fascination for photography.

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