Ralph Kerle

My work is composed of works that reflect on abstractions in nature as an art form. I am of the opinion abstract painting is not an unconscious act of visualization by an artist. I believe it forms as the result of an artist's subconscious observation in reality and an abstract painting is the artist's manifestation of what their brain has perceived it sees. My work is based on capturing those unconscious abstractions in nature first, using a 21 Century medium - the digital camera - enabling the viewer to form their own perceptions of what these natural abstractions represent.

Graduating from the Victorian College of The Arts, majoring in Dramatic Arts and with a Masters in Creative Industries, Ralph came to prominence in Australia in the early 90s as an arts pioneer in multi-media whilst he was associate director of Sydney Theatre Company. This work led him to a decade or so in directing television commercials for Australia’s leading advertising agencies. Over the last two decades he worked as creative director in his own event company, Eventures, using his multi-media skills to design and produce large scale public and corporate live events.

The water reflection series, a body of work that represents a return to, and a reinterpretation of Ralph’s earlier multi-media work has now metamorphosed into contemporary art, in the medium of photography. He focuses on capturing images created by, and in nature. These images are visually translated into art that is considered contemporary abstracts. The artist’s process derives from his past creative experiences, and today he has developed a unique visual art style of his own – his aesthetic eye.

Ralph’s photography records a moment in time; when nature, dimension and surrealism conjoin. Ralph does not digitally intervene with the images he takes; close to the water level, on his camera. Nor does he accentuate the colour or movement. As a result, his sharp eye captures a moment in nature when actuality of the subjects meets an ephemeral voice within our subconscious imagination. In freeing the light, shape, colour and the surrounding environmental influences, Ralph free’s the art in itself. Through this freedom, Ralph invites the viewer to free themselves and form their own meaning of the work.

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