Peter Gentenaar

My inspiration is a plant bud, which, in spring, unfolds into a leaf. A compact folded form feeds itself with water and turns into a great spacious form. In autumn, this leaf falls off of the tree, the water evaporates and a small web of fibers curling around the spine is the new form.

Dutch paper artist Peter Gentenaar leverages the natural properties of the fibre to craft his dreamlike paper sculptures.

Made up of plant fibres like hemp, cotton and flax, these paper sheets are not pressed flat by the pulp beater but rather, allowed to curl naturally in reminiscence of vegetal forms before being sculpted.

Bold pigment colours are added to the fibres during the last phase of the creation process. As the paint bleeds into the pulp, the sculpture’s surface takes on the quality of ceramic glazing, lending it a fantastical look.

Although technically independent sculptures, Peter’s paper works engage easily in playful interaction with their luxurious surroundings, moving along with the ebb and flow of the air. His artwork has been featured in several prestigious locations including Le Musee du Louvre, Paris, and the Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi.

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