Pere Gifre

Pere Gifre (b. 1974, Figueres, Spain) is a San Francisco based artist and engineer, specialized in sculpture projects, scenographies, interior & industrial design and architecture. His vast knowledge of these different fields allows him to enrich his designs through the implementation of different specialized techniques and processes such as the VFX Engineering, a self-created design that uses computer systems that allow him to transform physical processes of nature into a sculpture (capturing the essence of nature, particularly water), light structures or any kind of project regardless of its scale or difficulty. 

All of Gifre’s projects whether static or dynamic, a jewel or a large scale sculptural project, are unique and unrepeatable, designed and created specifically for each individual site. 

He currently has projects with major hotel brands, luxury resorts and exclusive cruisers. In addition, he was selected as one of the five finalists to undertake a large-scale sculpture for the new Transition Hall at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport. 

Pere also participates in exhibitions, conferences and festivals. In 2008, at Artfutura, he presented his new projects, which were based on the imitation of natural physical processes. In 2009 his projects were presented at INDABA Design in South Africa, Tokyo TASTE, the University of Barcelona, The Imagine Silicon Valley and at MIPCOM in Cannes, in collaboration with Ferran Adrià. In 2010 the Splash project was presented at the SIGRAPH Festival in Los Angeles. Gifre’s utterly riveting sculptures have graced the halls of museums, historic buildings, and the world’s best restaurants in the last few years. 

He was selected to undertake a large-scale 25-metre sculpture at VP Hotel Design Plaza España (Madrid) in 2017, which was inaugurated in March 15th 2018. For all Gifre’s works, nature, lights and environments are always his primary reference and source of inspiration. Next November he will inaugurate two sculptures, one in Milano and another for the Davis Cup – The World Cup of Tennis.

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