Per Anders

For an artist who paints expressive, rough, abstract paintings such as myself, drawing skills are key, because they give you the advantage of knowing what you are abstracting from! To me, it’s important to put some kind of hope and optimism into my artwork, as well as into everything else I do. When I work, I’m always searching for the lyric, or even bright facets of life - and thereby, I hope to leave some kind of optimism behind. Colours are good for this purpose, yellow above all. I mean, yellow is the colour of the sun; the prerequisite of any discussion on colour. Every home should have a large yellow painting as a backup for the sun on a cloudy day. I often play music in my studio. The music helps me to ‘exaggerate’ the story in my painting. Sometimes, I play Händel and Mozart. Other times, I play Stan Getz, Phil Collins ....

Per Anders lives and works in Denmark and France. His expressive abstract paintings and landscapes try to focus on the bright side of life – not in a naïve, always happy, unconcerned way, but in deliberate opposition to the fact that most media tend to focus on the misery and gloominess of life. He finds himself obliged to instil hope and courage in the viewer, thus his paintings fill a room with optimistic energy and light

Per has exhibited his paintings in France, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, UK and USA.

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