Paul Walker

Growth in nature can be viewed in terms of the strength and economy in geometric formations whose patterns are observed everywhere in the natural world; from molecular structures to planetary systems. I have acquired a set of rules or guiding principles and it is the universal language of geometry and mathematics that most naturally provide me with this binding influence. Whilst composition relies on these guidelines the final resolution and tone of the work is compounded by the interrelationships of planes of colour developing through both a spontaneous and a meditative attitude.

British born artist Paul Walker resides in Greece, and holds a BA degree in Fine Art from Birmingham Polytechnic and a Master of Arts Degree in Fine Art (printmaking) from Chelsea School of Art, London.

Anatomy Lessons monotypes are printed from two to four pieces of steel based on elliptical geometry and is a result of layers of rolled-on translucent printing ink. The ink is made with pigment and copper plate oil and some details are picked out with raw pigment, which is bound under pressure from the printing press. The title comes from a Rembrandt painting, the ‘anatomy’ in this case being the architectural components that provide structure to the images.

Since the mid 1980s, Paul Walker has held many solo and group exhibitions in different countries.

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