Nicholas Ong

The influence and impact of time and space play a large role in the creation of my works, using my body as both medium and creator of paintings, subject to the nature of time. Paintings and imagery have the capacity of being still in time whereas myself as an artist and human must, albeit not by choice revel in the influence of time and adapt and change to it. It is through this approach that the painting process becomes a pertinent expression and exploration in my own understanding of time and space.

Nicholas Ong (B.1995) is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies in Arts Management at his alma mater LASALLE College of the Arts where he graduated in 2015 with a diploma in Fine Arts (Painting). Ong explores a variety of mediums but focuses mostly on the paint aspect of his craft. Using perception and intuition to drive his final image, Ong rarely has his final image in mind and uses his intuition to decide his finalised image.

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