Nelly Van Nieuwenhuijzen

My landscapes are me - I never tire of painting them. When I look outside I see them, and when I look inside myself I see them.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen is a contemporary landscape artist born 1944, Baarland, Holland. She is known for her landscapes of Zeeland with its low horizon and impressive sky.

Nelly started her professional artist-career in 1975. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings: the skies, the dikes and the sea. Zeeland is renowned for its peculiarly beautiful light which refracts in the water around the low-lying isles and the polders. Van Nieuwenhuijzen paintings depict the extensive Zeeland landscapes and are born from an intense experience of the openness of its terrain.

An undertone of mysticism is unmistakable, as if caught in the movement of line and colour that continues in the invisible behind the horizon. The accentuated line is both the boundary and the window. The subtle differences in rhythm and nuances reflect a range of emotions.

Her works are found in private collections all around the world and she has participated in group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe since 1980.

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