Moran Trabelsi

My passion for ceramics started as a hobby and turned into my full-time profession, when I opened my own studio in Tel Aviv.

For as long as I can remember, my imagination was always intrigued, enchanted, and inspired by nature and it’s patterns, especially by the infinite harmony of underwater creatures, shaped by an endless evolution. In my ceramic art I aim to give an existing form to that lifelong fascination. Thus my pieces are magnified, oversized, and otherworldly versions of seashells.

My vessel’s sculptural language is formed by my attraction to examining living forms and their characteristics, engaging with themes of fantasy, and creating a sense of movement in a still life object, using abstract curves and tilts.

All vessels are hand-made from various stoneware clays, encompassing pinch, coil, and slab methods. Each piece is first carefully crafted into a silhouette and then layered and carved with soft clay to achieve the curved aesthetic of seashells.

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