Justin Adam Lee

Isolating architectural elements allows us to see our often cluttered urban environment from unique and challenging perspectives. It allows us to focus on the sheer beauty and complex simplicity of architectural design. It stimulates curiosity, provokes self-awareness and emotions.

Born in England in 1963, Justin moved to Singapore in 1989 to embark on a career as a language and literature teacher and for 30 years has witnessed the profound changes to the urban and social landscape of the island nation, mirrored in so much of Asia. His photography, often minimalist and heavily influenced by 19th Century Japanese woodblock prints, seeks to capture the visual imagery and metaphor of flowing geometry, symmetry and textures that are so often in plain sight but rarely observed as we go about our daily lives.

Justin’s photography chronicles time and space and provides a unique glimpse into Singapore’s architectural and cultural genesis. His work has been exhibited in London and Madrid and in 2019 he was made Ambassador Pro Pixerf. His clients include Singapore Airlines and his work has been purchased by corporate clients and private collectors in five continents.

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