Jane Guthridge

I employ complex layers of colour and light to create the sensation of deep space, using a variety of materials that bend, refract, obscure and reveal, diffusing light in various ways. As the light changes throughout the day, the work will change as well. I think this constant change is a metaphor for life.

Jane Guthridge is a Colorado artist known for her work in a variety of translucent materials exploring the transformative effects of light and nature. Her move from the midwest to the abundant sunlight of Colorado inspires her work. Ms. Guthridge has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Her work is contained in the collections of Charles Schwab, Colorado State Bank and Trust, First National Bank of Colorado, Four Seasons, Kaiser Permanente, Littleton Museum, PNC Bank, Raymond James, Texas State University, Wells Fargo and the U.S. Department of State, among others.

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