Jack Eagan

I use bronze as its a material that transcends time and culture, interpreted and transformed into endless forms, its a material with integrity and permanence. It is incorporated into some of the world’s oldest architectural works and can be found on the streets of towns and cities across the world. It has diverse physical properties, like capturing a single cast finger print, polished to a mirrored surface, fabricated into truly monumental works and coloured with wide spectrum of finishes.

Jack Eagan’s bronze abstract sculptures have the presence to transform an environment, both internal and external –  it provides a subjective experience and carries the potential to engage and enhance a vision.

He balances tradition with the modern, from casting with methods and materials that haven’t changed for thousands of years. Paralleled alongside new technologies, that include using artificial intelligence to refine form, make connections and discover new evolutions. Virtual reality is used to manipulate and edit 3D models and to help visualise what a sculpture will look like in a specific environment.

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