Jacelyn Zhen

Jacelyn is a Singaporean visual artist and designer. Under her moniker Bbblob, her works explore harmony in form and colour. Bright, vivid and organic shapes interacting with one another to represent our relationship with ourselves and others. Making works that capture the transient nature of emotions.

She creates across various mediums including murals, printmaking, painting and sculpture. She has painted large scale mural commissions for brands such as Orchard Central. Jacelyn also works as a brand designer. Her branding work is an extension of Bbblob’s identity. Her love for colours and shape informs her design work. Through her works, she hopes to bring harmony and balance to others.

Her collaborative projects include working with textile and interior brands such as Yacht 21, Singapore and Unwind Studio, Portugal, to create a range of designed goods such as clothing, wallpaper and rugs. She has exhibited her works in pop up shows for Creative Unions during Singapore Art Week 2021, SOJAO Singapore and Mocana, New York. Her works have also been curated in a solo show for Cafe for the People alongside a live mural session and in group shows at Uprise Art in New York and Art Porters Singapore. While working on collabs and shows, Jacelyn continues to develop her practice in graphic abstraction.

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