Hazel Wu

I do not have big dreams, I have many small ones and hope they will come true someday. My recent works have been mostly with the medium of acrylic on canvas. I use layers to build depth, creating various hidden surprises beneath, if you happen to catch a glimpse of the hidden layers behind and smile, all intentions are reached. My process might seem random but that is where the fun comes from. It always starts with a vague image in my head and as I begin a piece, I always allow my surrounding to influence me. Be it a song playing in the background, a scent, the heat, my emotions or any form of conversation, they all form the layers and colour of my paintings.

Born and raised in Singapore, Hazel is an interior designer by day, self-taught artist by night. Each artwork she creates starts off with a vague imagery of her deep thoughts, which she subsequently conveys to the canvas. Working with acrylic and ink on canvas or watercolour on paper, her works are purely abstract, intuitive to the current moment when the brush is in her hand. In her world, inspiration comes from everywhere and not everything needs to be logical. Beauty can be inspired by the illogical.

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