Federico Pinto Schmid

Today the reappearance of a form is almost legend. Today the rebirth of a form can bring back to the top the becoming of an original pure thought arrived on the tired earth.

Designs, shapes, and colours find balance between a polite instinct and a domesticated confusion within the cubist inspired artworks of Tuscan artist, Federico Pinto Schmid. Using bold shapes and colours, each painting is meant to communicate a multitude of feelings and styles which can be reorganised infinitely within ones imagination.

Each shape acts as a point of attention within his paintings only to come together to form a greater source of focus. The lines, curves, and intertwined dimensions become borders within which the true form is born.

Born in Tuscany and raised between Germany and Italy, Pinto Schmid is particularly influenced by German cubism as well as his father’s art practice. Growing up with a studio at home has helped push his art practice as he matured. His artworks have been collected and exhibited internationally, gracing a number of prominent homes.

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