Dinah Wakefield

Every painting starts as a leap of faith. I invite the light into my garden studio and I allow it to unfold and express itself in its own unique way. Sometimes I have an idea of where that light will take me and other times I don’t. I simply allow the paint brush to flow across the canvas in a fluid and organic way.

Born in Shrewsbury, UK, Dinah has had a lifelong passion for art and design, beginning her career as a textile designer and stylist, before establishing herself as an abstract artist. Dinah has lived and worked as an artist in Sydney, Australia for over 20 years, developing a reputation for her dramatic abstract landscapes. 

She has held many exhibitions and been commissioned for several corporate projects. In 2016 she moved to Noosa, establishing her studio in the garden of her new home in Peregian Beach. Dinah draws inspiration from the landscape around her, focusing on an abstract expression of colour and form. 

Her latest works continue the theme of abstract landscapes. They are inspired by the natural beauty of the area and are fluid and organic creating a sense of peace, tranquility and space.

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