Davina Stephens

A quieter palette can still make a lot of noise, rendering something with gentleness is visual politeness that can last, be better appreciated and respected. Diversity of cultures, fauna and marine life. It’s here, and in these elements, that I find my fascination. My research is highly involved with archipelago items, customs and visual emotions and runs thru the cultural lines of Asia as a whole.

Davina Stephens’ art is permeated by locally significant elements and atmospheres while evocating a global sensibility. 

Her celebration of the freedom of living, her visual story-telling, the tropical travels scenes and her use of colour convey, through different materials, media and techniques, a unique recognisable character which took her artworks to international recognition.

Her works take on a contemporary character in her use of print and paint, maps and stamps, and in the compositional play of space and texture. Davina confidently plays with the essences, the representations and structures of South East Asian classics.

Layer by layer, she weaves shapes and colours in an organic tension towards profundity and multidimensionality. ‘Batik cap’, rice paper, wood block prints and pastel colours accompanied by a very unique use of whites and outlines, all blend seamlessly, yet staying recognisable.

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