Danielle Rovetti

Danielle Rovetti (b. 1977) is a texture based abstract artist living in Johannesburg. After 20 years as a freelance creative director and graphic designer, working on branding for large corporates, Danielle returned to painting 5 years ago. Within this time, she has built up a large international client base, with most of her work being shipped overseas to collectors all over the world, from Canada across the globe to Australia.

Danielle’s abstract paintings examine the worlds intrinsic layers and our emotional responses to our surroundings and the people around us. Her artworks consist of layers of texture or raw canvas, creating a composed depth to be appreciated from different angles and changing with the light of day. The outcome is a representation of the duality of life, representing the need for both the light and the dark, the stillness and the movement, and the competing and co-dependent forces within nature and relationships. Danielle uses different mediums including concrete, oils, raw canvas and resin within her works.

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