Anne Gabrielle Callf

My paintings are like parts of a wall that have been taken down in the city. I put paper centre stage through my work and use it to tell you a story by putting together fragments of memories, traces of history, randomness, contradictions through colours and textures. I am the storyteller, but not the story. Each piece is like a poem not yet spoken. I hope that while observing my art, even if for a fleeting moment, you will uncover stories that will transport you. Paper: a symbol for memories, a messenger of cultures. Paper, soon to be gone.

Born in the South of France, Anne Gabrielle was susceptible to the sharpness of light and the beauty of nature. She later graduated from the Ateliers de Sevres (Interior Design) in Paris and from the famous Van der Kelen painting school in Brussels. She therefore trained in traditional techniques of wall painting, such as ornamentation, gold leaf, patina and decorative coating, and worked as an interior designer and a decorative painter in Europe, collaborating in many architect led projects.

Her move to Asia brought her closer to new and different cultures and had a significant impact on her approach to painting. Anne Gabrielle decided to transfer her work from wall to canvas. She now creates abstract scenes using the idea of an old used wall as a backdrop that is then covered with multiple layers steeped in history. Her work is carefully composed using layers of texture and recycled paper. The different patterns created give a sense of movement to her artwork. This flow of emotion conveys the duality of life; fleeting yet tenacious.

Anne Gabrielle has now been painting for 15 years and has exhibited her work in solo exhibitions in Singapore, Switzerland, France and China.

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