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Who We Are

We are an art consultancy based in Singapore, with capabilities to operate in the region.

We are a full-service art consulting firm well versed in overseeing all aspects of art selection, commissioning, customised framing and installation.

With a database of hundreds of local and foreign, established and emerging artists, we are well positioned to find the perfect pieces for your project.

What We Do

After consultation, we craft a bespoke solution to your art needs.

We deal directly with all our artists and provide a certificate of authenticity for each artwork purchased from us.

We offer a wide variety of genres in different mediums including paintings, sculpture and installations.

We are always grateful to work with creative and talented members of the design community.

We understand local sensibilities while also bringing an international flavour to projects.

Our Advice

Keep in mind the art requirements from the outset of the design process.

Set aside an art budget.

Consider the timeline for commissioned works. Large commissions can take up to 6 months.

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Schedule a consultation or ask us a question.

Mail: info@suttonart.com.sg
Phone: +65 6735 5747

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